This function executes the docker container circhunter by running the circRNA quantification module of CircHunter to quantify the level of expression of a set of circRNA BS sequences in a given RNA-Seq experiment. For CircHunter algorithm detail please refer to:

  group = c("sudo", "docker"),



a character string. Two options: "sudo" or "docker", depending to which group the user belongs


a character string indicating the scratch folder where docker container will be mounted,

string indicating the path to the fastq file of the RNA-Seq dataset to analyse,

string indicating the path to the fasta file of the circRNA back-splicing sequences to search in the RNA-Seq dataset


vector of six parameters to set the analysis. The element of the vector indicate in order: the k-mer size, the thread number, the dimension of the hash table, the dimension of the collision list, the number of k-mers that must be matched to the sequence to consider the sequence itself as represented in the RNA-Seq data, and the number of perfect matches required in the k-mer to consider it matched to a sequence.


A count table reporting the number of RNA-Seq reads supporting specific circRNA back-splice junctions


if (FALSE) { #retrieve the example data system("wget") #' system("unzip") system("gzip ./circhunter-master/CircHunter/data/test_rna-seq.fastq.gz") #running the circrnaQuantification function circrnaQuantification(group="docker", scratch.folder="/data/scratch",,"/circhunter-master/CircHunter/data/test_rna-seq.fastq.gz", sep=""),,"/circhunter-master/CircHunter/data/CRC_circRNA_backsplicing_sequences.fasta", sep=""), hc.params=c(27, 40, 1000000, 1000000, 17, 30)) }