This is a functin that preapre the docker environment to be used for the first time the docker4seq is installed.

  group = "docker",
  containers.file = c("full", "mini", "nano", "sca")



a character string. Two options: "sudo" or "docker", depending to which group the user belongs


a character string with the name of the file which indicate which are the initial set of containers to be downloaded. options: full, mini, nano, sca The set is given by a file located in the folder containers of docker4seq package, full indicates a complete installation, mini refers to an installation including few preprocessing and all clustering tools, nano even a smaller implementation, sca the minimal subset of dockers to run an analysis with Partialy Connected Autoencoders


Raffaele Calogero


if (FALSE) {
    #running runDocker
     downloadContainers(group="docker", containers.file="full")