This function plots the zeros distributions in cells and removes genes without a certain fraction of 0 in the samples

filterZeros(file, threshold = 0, sep)



a character string indicating the path of the cells un-normalized expression counts table


a number from 0 to 1 indicating the fraction of max accepted zeros in each gene. 0 is set as default and it eliminates only genes having 0 in all cells.


separator used in count file, e.g. '\t', ','


a PDF providing zeros distributions before removal of all genes without a certain fraction of 0 in the samples. A file with the prefix *filtered* in which the filtered data are saved.


if (FALSE) { #downloading fastq files system("wget") system("gzip -d singlecells_counts.txt.gz") filterZeros(file=paste(getwd(),"singlecells_counts.txt",sep="/"), threshold=0.1, sep="\t") }